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Our bread, sauces and desserts, as well as most of our dishes, are homemade with natural ingredients. We only use extra virgin olive oil in our kitchen. 

Climatized terrace to enjoy all year long

Our foods

(also for take-away) 


Choose from our "Tapas" dishes or if you want to share, we recommend to you  "Shitake á feira" or  "Bravas mediterráneas" 

and our bread.

Basket of bread: 2,75€

Ask for our Tasting Menu (minimun 2 persons) 

It includes 5 dishes,  dessert and one drink.

Telos salad                        9,00€

Warm salad                    10,00€

"Revolconas" Potatoes          10,00€

Shitake á Feira                  14,00€

Mediterranean Bravas         9,00€

"Zorongollo" Extremeño       11,00€

Sauteed mushrooms             9,00€

Sobrasada spread on

Murcian crespillos              12,00€

Vegan "Marinera" on

Murcian crespillos 

(4)                                    12,00€

(1)                                                    3,50€

 "Per tutti"  croquettes            12,00€

"Anchoves"                          12,00€

Pickled "Noquerones"         10,00€

"Noquerones" and

"Anchoves" mix                   11,00€

Vegan chorizo                   12,00€

Vegan fried

black pudding                 12,00€

Fried eggs with 

vegan chorizo                  12,00€

Entire Spanish omelette

(also vegan)

on request                        20,00€

Toast with tomato

and extra virgen olive oil    3,00€


Salty Rations

we recommend to you our dish of the day with our bread.

Vegan Spanish 

omelette portion                   4,00€

Vegetable wrap with heura 

roasted potatoes and ali-oli    9,00€

Dish of the day                   10.00€

Hamburger with

cheese and garnish                11,00€

Hamburger with

vegan cheese and garnish      13,00€

Small  hamburger

with garnish 

(special for children)                 9,00€

 Spanish potato salad            11,00€

 Per tutti"  croquettes            12,00€

Grilled heura with

black rice                               14,00€

Red pepper lasagne filled

with bechamel                   14,00€

Sauteed mushrooms

with black rice                   13,00€

Basket of bread: 2,75€

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